The Field of Occult Chemistry by E. Lester Smith and V. Wallace Slater


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Theosophical Publishing House, 1954. 63 Pages. Scarce. Copy produced from the 'Transactions of the Science Group of The Theosophical Research Centre'. Softcover in good condition, rusted bindings. This is a revised copy based on the first printing in 1934. 

'The publication of this book places on record the results of clairvoyant investigations by two great occultists; into the atomic and molecular structure of our physical world. The investigations were carried out over a long period of time from 1895 to 1933.
The occultists view of the chemical atom is via supra-sensual observation and for philosophical purposes.
The editors had no choice but to use Crookes' system, Occult Chemistry describes 19 rare earth elements with different structures corresponding to the whole range of types.
This book is truly a masterpiece, and as the editor says, a life's-works.'