The Flying Cow: Research into Paranormal Phenomena in the World’s most Psychic Country, Guy Playfair


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Souvenir Press, first edition, 1975. 

‘When The Flying Cow was first published in 1975, it revealed a world of psychic wonders in Brazil hitherto barely explored by outsiders. Guy Lyon Playfair had spent two years as a member of the Brazilian Institute for Psychobiophysical Research (IBPP), the first group of its kind to investigate and document the wide range of inexplicable phenomena - from poltergeists and psychic surgeons to trance artists and children who recall previous lives.. He spent four nights in a poltergeist-ridden house, watched several of the countries psychic surgeons at work opening bodies with their bare hands, and met a barley educated medium who has written more than 125 books while in trance, including a scientific tract of astonishing originality.’ 

Category Parapsychology