The Golden Star by J. Michaud


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London: The Uma Press, 1946. First edition. 323pp. The dust jacket appears to have been glued to the boards by the publisher, jacket faded around the edges, predominantly on the spine, slight markings present, bookseller sticker to rear, text clean. Overall an excellent copy. Includes correspondence from The Westminster Circle, a typed letter detailing, "We Believe that the Author has succeeded in communicating an important modern rendering of the eternal holy teachings..." with a mention of a specific footnote in the book to the reader addressed. Also includes a separate page listing book titles by the author.

The Golden Star: A Mystic Crescendo In Twelve Visions. A Book For Initiates.

A book for initiates said to expound advanced occult teachings. Divided into twelve visions or chapters, demonstrating levels of consciousness but also, states of matter above and below what is perceived as normal, waking consciousness in western material thinking.
The text is a journey through the unseen and largely unknown realms of higher consciousness, that constitute a pictorial view of the stages by which the Alchemical Marriage is perfected under the watchful guidance of the spirit.

The book begins with two Egyptian pilgrims, Ma-u and Ma-uti, watching a glorious sunset:

"At one unforgettable moment the sun sent out five purple rays from between the massed clouds, which like a hand of benediction overspread the pair; whilst a path of molten gold stretched from Ra to them, as if inviting them to stride along that road to glory under His protecting hand. An invitation and Initiation into the Mysteries."

Michaud was involved with the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, and was friend of Aleister Crowley, seeing him frequently in 1937-1938, and again during the war years. Around the time of the Second World War Michaud founded the Order of the Hidden Masters. He had a number of occult books published under his imprint of the UMA press in the post-war years. The Golden Star was the most substantial of these.

Each of the twelve chapters is prefaced by an inspired poem and associated with a particular precious stone.

The Domains of Night
Demons and Devas
Elements and Elementals
The Astral Fire
The Symbol of the Cross
The Kosmos, Cosmic Consciousness,
The Great Light
The Dwellers in the Celestial Spheres