The Great God Pan: The Survival Of An Image by John Boardman


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London: Thames & Hudson, 1997. First edition. Hardcover. 48 pages. 53 b & w illustrations. Fine copy. 

The Great God Pan: The Survival Of An Image. 

'In this Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture, classical scholar Sir John Boardman describes the concept of Pan. Whether viewed as a personification of country ways, equated with the excesses of Bacchic revels or treated as a demon figure, the presence of Pan was felt in the literature and art of antiquity, the mediaeval period and notably in Renaissance and later paintings.
More recently, in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, he was adopted by many Romantic artists and writers and has also served as a medium for topical caricatures.
Although the ideals which Pan represented in ancient Greece and Rome may have passed into ancient history, the traditional image associated with his name remains as vivid as ever in contemporary culture.'