The Kabala of Numbers: A Handbook of Interpretation by Sepharial


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William Rider & son, 1920. Second edition. Complete set. Two Volumes. Originally published in 1913, re-issued here revised and enlarged. 419 pages. Original blue cloth decorated with Eliphas Levi’s depiction of the Pentagram, worn and darkened, spine faded significantly on Vol 1, rear hinge weakened on vol 2, 9 pages feature numerical inscriptions by a previous owner, these editions were evidently used as a working set. Good examples of a very scarce volumes, rarely found together. 

'Sepharial was the pen-name of Dr. Walter Gorn Old (1864-1929)  a notable 19th century mystic and astrologer, as well as founding member of the Theosophical movement in England.

The Kabala of Numbers is his treatise on Kabalistic numerology, analysing how numerical data can affect our reality, and how they can be used to create our manifestations. The book explores a range of topics from the geometry of nature and its relationship to human existence, to the proposition that numbers can hold great power and influence, to sway human will. For both practitioners of the magical arts and those interested in the history of science and philosophy, this is a fascinating and essential book.'

Chapters include; The power of Numbers; Various methods of Kabalism; Number and Automatism; Thought-reading by Numbers; The Kabalism of Cycles; Bruno's Symbolism; God Geometrises; Number as expressing Thought; Number in relation to Feeling; The law of Periodicity; Coincidences make Laws; Phrenoscopy; Planetary Hours; Science and superstition.