The Life of Aleister Crowley by P. R. Stephensen


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Llewllyn, 1970. Introduction by Israel Regardie. 

'Aleister Crowley was an outrageously libelled and slandered man in his time. Crowley was a mystic, a magician, a scholar, a Chess master, a poet, and a  climber of mountains. He certainly became a legend in his own time; and now attained real recognition for his many talents as a visionary and original occult syncretist of Kabbalah, Tarot, Taoism, and the Western Esoteric Tradition.
This book will probably long remain the most valuable and honest appraisals of the real Aleister Crowley, and can be read as factual rebuttals of the popular slander of the several biographies written. 

Incidentally, the only biography written during Crowley’s life that addressed his character and the press campaigns against him. Incidentally some editions suggest that the book was written by Israel Regardie. This was not the case, Regardie basically provided secretarial services to Crowley at the time but did not claim authorship; he only published it under his own name in 1970 when he became aware that Stephensen had died.'

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