The Loch Ness Monster and Others by R. T. Gould


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Geoffrey Bles, 1934. First Edition. 228 pages. Firmly bound in slightly bumped  yellow cloth, lettered in red. Black and white plates are all present, though the one at page 198 is working loose, as is the front piece. The dust jacket is the original and not price clipped, it is somewhat insect nibbled, quite toned and grubby, with small areas of loss and short closed tears, some repaired or strengthened with small pieces of archival tape to the reverse.

‘The classic text of cryptozoology, the first serious investigation of Scotland's ‘Loch Ness Monster’, or ‘Nessie’. Of all Britain’s strange phenomena, the case of the Loch Ness monster is arguably the most infamous, and until this day, present in the global imagination. Though sightings of mysterious creatures in the loch was not new, or exclusive to the 1930’s, it was the events during this time, with the help of media-soaked hysteria, that propagated the case into international discourse.
Gould was a renowned horologist and former Lieutenant Commander in the British Navy. Following on from his work on the sea serpent, utilising the eye for detail, and his highly revered research on marine chronology, Gould decided to investigate the Loch Ness monster in late 1933, in the wake of several reported sightings. After a copious amount of first-hand research, this trip eventually lead to the publication of this book. Featuring many photographs, diagrams, and sightings, all dealt with in precise detail. The famous 1934 "Surgeon's Photograph" and the first reputed photo of the creature by Hugh Gray in 1933, are both present. A fundamental text of Fortean history.’