The Mystery Of The Light Within Us by J. Todd Ferrier


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London: The Order Of The Cross, 1932. First edition. 217 pages. Illustrated with 17 watercolours by Amy Wright. Publishers original violet cloth, boards faded with some marking to the bottom edge, corners rubbed, spine faded with some internal foxing, all plates clean and unmarked. A Very good copy. Scarce.

The Mystery Of The Light Within Us.

"illuminate the deep issues of life and present a message of peace and healing, of joy and hope for all creation. The essential unity of all religious aspirations is proclaimed and many of the traditional Christian teachings shown to be allegorical and universal in nature."

"The Cross expresses in and through its four right Angles, the balance of the Universe. And the motion of the Universe is signified by the intersecting Circle. Through the motion of the Cross all magnetic Light is derived. From the centre of the Cross all power proceeds. The power is contained in the Divine Righteousness and Equity-the perpendicular and the horizontal, the upright and the equipoised."

'John Todd Ferrier was born in Greenock, Scotland, 1855. For several years he was a minister in the Congregational Church but became increasingly dissatisfied with the traditional Christian orthodoxy.
Ferrier began to read theosophical and other esoteric materials that led him to a very different understanding of the purpose and mission of Jesus. He resigned from the monastery in 1903 and the following year began what was to become his life's work; the formation of The Order Of The Cross, an informal spiritual fellowship, whose members are pacifist and vegetarian or vegan.
For Ferrier, the message of Jesus had been corrupted by the mainstream of Christianity. He intended not to create the vast earthly institution, but to restore spirituality to individuals. The Order of the Cross has adopted a somewhat anti-institutional bias and devoted itself to introducing people to Jesushood, a state of spiritual realisation. Jesushood leads to Christhood, a state of mystical illumination. The order is focused in a number of small groups, most in the British Isles, but some in North America and other English-speaking communities worldwide.'


Part One: The Tetragrammaton: luminous cross, macrocosmic; cross of the Elohim, the seven tinctures.
Part Two: The Solar Mystery: spectra of souls and stars; solar kingdom, static; solar fashion.
Part Three: Auric Glimpses of the Master: in his early days; during the manifestation; amid the Gethsemane.
Part Four: Soul Estates, Celestial and Divine: sacred heart; annunciation; ascension; metempsychosis; holy grail; solar garment; messenger; within the sanctuary; altar of oblation.
Part Five: Summer School of 1931: holy convocation; mystery of Jacob's ladder; Adamic race; vicarious sacrifice; secrets of God; worship of the most high one; the girdle; blessing of Israel; divine rhapsody.