The Roots of Witchcraft by Michael Harrison


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Tandem, 1975. 

''In the first place, I am not satisfied that any books on Witchcraft have clearly denned Witchcraft or have made sufficiently clear the essential distinction between Witchcraft and Diabolism. '... In the
second place. I am concerned with the origins of the cult; more particularly with the geographical
situation of the region from which this ancient faith spread over Europe. In the third place, I shall
produce evidence to shew that, whilst Witchcraft was not, after  1948, as widespread or as
powerful as vested ecclesiastical and political interests found it useful to make it out to be, the Old
Religion was far more established, far more widespread, until at least the year AD 1400, than the
activities of the Inquisition would imply. '... I shall point out that the modern highly-publicised
"revival of Witchcraft" is a non-fact; that Witchcraft - or the Old Religion - cannot be revived until the
beliefs associated with natural agriculture be revived. I shall further point out that, in "extirpating"
the Old Religion the Dominicans, Kramer and Sprenger, succeeded, not only in destroying the
ancient, simple Fertility Cult  but also in reviving and strengthening that Diabolism which had
been, for political reasons, identified with the Old Religion."

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