The Sacred Theory of The Earth by Thomas Burnet


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Thomas Burnet's imaginative and romantic cosmogony was first published in Latin, 1681, with an English translation following in 1684. Here is a high quality facsimile printed by Centaur Press in the 1960's.

Isaac Newton was an admirer of Burnet's theological approach to geological processes. 

'the Earth, after the last day of Judgment, will be changed into the nature of a Sun, or of a fixt Star.'

London: Centaur Press Limited, 1965. First published in 1681. Includes all plates and engravings from the 1690 edition. Quarto. Hardcover. 413pp. Introduction by Basil Willey. Publishers green and white dust jacket laminated, slight loss to protective film on front which has marked the jacket, corners rubbed, internally clean and bright. A very good copy. 

Isaac Newton, letter to Thomas Burnet, 24 December 1680, in Sir David Brewster, Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton, 2 vols. (Edinburgh: Thomas Constable, 1855)