The Sea-Serpent by Alfred T. Story Magazine Article


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Strand Magazine, 1895. 11 Pages. Original article separated from volume. 

An article on the phenomena of Sea- Serpent sightings published in the late 19th century. Details a range of witness accounts accompanied by illustrations.

'It has become customary to assume that a sailor is disposed to keep quiet about anything out of the ordinary which he may see, since he has nothing to gain out of making an announcement for it. 

Olaus Magnus describes the sea-serpent as being 200ft long and 20ft in circumference, having fiery eyes and a short mane.
Hans Egede, who afterwards became a bishop, travelled to Greenland in 1734 to become a missionary. In his account of his voyage, he describes a sea-monster which appeared near the ship on July 6th. "Its head, when raised was on a level with our main-top. Its snout was long and sharp, and it blew water almost like a whale; it had large, broad paws or paddles; its body covered with scales; its skin was rough and uneven; in other respects it was a serpent and when it dived the end of its tail which was raised in the air, seemed to be a full ships length from its body."