The Third Ghost Book Edited by Lady Cynthia Asquith


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Pan, 1965. 

Mary Treagold – The Telephone
Elizabeth Bowen – The Claimant
Evelyn Fabyon – Napoleon’s Hat
Rachel Hartfield – The Bull
L.A.G. Strong – The House That Wouldn’t Keep Still
Mary Fitt – The Doctor
Elizabeth Jenkins – On No Account, My Love
Lord Dunsany – The Ghost Of The Valley
Margaret Lane – The Day Of The Funeral
Ronald Blythe – Take Your Partners
L.P.Hartley – Someone In The Lift
Robert Aickman – Ringing The Changes
Marghanita Laski – The Tower
Jonathon Curling – I Became Bulwinkle
Collin Brooks – Mrs. Smiff
James Laver – Somebody Calls
Rosemary Timperley – Harry
Ursula Codrington – The Shades Of Sleepe
Daniel George – The Woman In Black
Shane Leslie – A Laugh On The Professor
Elizabeth Taylor – Poor Girl
John Cornell – The House In The Glen
Nancy Spain – The King Of Spain
Michael Asquith – The Uninvited Face
Angus Wilson – Animals Or Human Beings
Eileen Bigland – Remembering Lee
Cynthia Asquith – Who Is Sylvia ?