The Typhon Intervention by Douglas R. Mason


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Robert Hale 1st Edition, Book Club Edition, 1981. 

'For many centuries, Earth Planet had been under observation from the dying world of Typhon. There was nothing the Typhonians did not know about its physical properties and the life style of its people. From where they stood, they reckoned it was gift-wrapped as a new home for their ancient race. The takeover would bring death or enslavement to the existing population, but then they were only primitives, hardly counted as human by Typhonian standards! Colonel Andrew Mackay and his special duty section were the first to tangle with the invaders. By the time he identified that Earth Planet had a problem, the Typhonians had already established their unseen bridgehead. D-Day was close.'

'John Rankine (born Douglas Rankine Mason; 26 September 1918 – 8 August 2013) was a British science fiction author, who wrote books as John Rankine and Douglas R. Mason. Rankine was born in Hawarden, Flintshire, Wales and first attended Chester Grammar School and in 1937 went to study English Literature and Experimental Psychology at the University of Manchester, where he was a friend of Anthony Burgess.'