The Vertical Plane by Ken Webster


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Grafton, 1989. First edition. Signed by author. 351 pages. 8 plates. Near immaculate copy. A fine example of a scarce book, rare with author's signature. Slight browning to edges. This un-read copy was acquired from a friend of the author. 

'The infamous account of events that occurred in a 18th century cottage in the village of Dodleston, four miles southwest of Chester. A truly compelling book, which has seen a resurgence of interest in recent years. 

A unique supernatural detective story, The Vertical Plane is a riveting personal experience of an inexplicable fault in the fabric of time - and a moving account of a relationship mediated across four hundred years. For a period of two years, Ken Webster found himself in the extraordinary position of corresponding directly with an individual who had lived on the site of his own cottage four centuries earlier. The correspondence began with messages left on his home computer on the kitchen table, and ended with communications scrawled directly onto paper. Fully prepared for some form of elaborate hoax, Webster found to his consternation that the language of the messages tallied precisely with 16th century English usage.

To this day the mystery remains unsolved, with sceptics unable to discredit as a hoax.

The events were the subject of an episode of BBC programme Out Of This World in 1996 presented by Carol Vorderman.

Category Parapsychology