The Water Cure In Chronic Disease by J. M. Gully


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John Churchill, c. 1851. A well restored copy, in dark green modern textured cloth, new ep's and hinges professionally secured. A very tight clean copy, complete, with engraved front plate as called for.

The water cure in chronic disease: An Exposition of the causes, profess, & terminations of various chronic diseases of the digestive organs, lungs, nerves, limbs, & skin; and of their treatment by water. and other hygienic Means.

'Dr James Manby Gully was a Victorian medical doctor, well known for practising hydrotherapy, or the "water cure." Gully published The Water Cure in Chronic Disease, in 1846, describing the treatments available at his clinic in Malvern. The fame of the water-cure establishment grew, and Gully and Wilson became well-known national figures. Two more clinics were opened at Malvern. Famous patients included Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Thomas Carlyle, Florence Nightingale, Lord Tennyson and Samuel Wilberforce. With his fame he also attracted criticism: Sir Charles Hastings, a physician and founder of the British Medical Association, was a forthright critic of hydropathy, and Dr Gully in particular. 

Dr. Gully's patients at Malvern were woken at 5 am, undressed and wrapped in wet sheets then covered with blankets. An hour later, buckets of water were thrown upon the patients who then went on a five mile walk, carrying an alpenstock and a Gräfenberg flask of mineral water, stopping at wells for the waters. They returned to the Malvern pump room for a breakfast of dry biscuits and water. They then had the day to spend bathing in a range of kinds of baths, or in some cases wore a wet sheet called the "Neptune Girdle" round their middle at all times, removing it only at meal times. Dinner which was always boiled mutton and fish was followed by a few hours in a dry bed.'