The Wisdom Of The Soul by H. C. Randall- Stevens (El Eros)


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London: The Knights Templars Of Aquarius, 1962. Special Members edition. 135 pages. 'The Blending of Spirit and Matter' colour illustrated frontispiece, four black and white illustrated and photographic plates. Dust jacket in protective cover, edges worn with some small markings present, binding tight, internally clean and unmarked. A very good copy. 

'The Wisdom of The Soul is a work inspirationally received by H. C. Randall- Stevens, founder of The Knights Templar of Aquarius. During his lifetime, he apparently worked as a professional singer and served in the RAF during both world wars. In 1925, he began to channel psychic voices through automatic writing and drawing, publishing a number of books as a result. These included images of entities such as El Daoud, spiritual illumination, prophecy, and diagrams regarding the nature of the Sphinx and Pyramids.

This text provinces an esoteric and exoteric viewpoint of the forces governing the Laws of Nature. The Inner Consciousness that may be opened to receive knowledge which will enable the seeker after Truth.'


- Progress And Evolution
- The Process of Incarnation And Death
- Etheric, Astral And Aura
- Spiritual Spheres Of Consciousness
- Karma And Free Will
- Nature In Harmony And Disharmony 
- Thought
- Healing
- Love And Tolerance
- What Is Prayer? 
- What Is Imagination?
- By Their Fruits Shall Ye Know Them
- The Truth Within Us
- The Vision 
- The Dawning Of Power
- The Rise of Evil
- Atlantean Emigration
- Church And State 
- The Babel Of Many Voices
- The Atomic Cloud
- Unknown Forces 
- World Portents