The Youth & The Sage by Warren Retlaw Decorated by Austin Osman Spare


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IHO Books, 2003. 1 of 2 sold. 

'A Philosophic Poem of 95 Quatrains, Coloured frontispiece.

The identity of "Retlaw" is an enigma. The editor in a useful appendix gives reasons why it might be Warren Walter and by careful analysis of Spare's portraits suggests that he may have been Spare's framier. Certainly Spare leant considerable assistance to the writing and publication of this work in 1927.
Further appendices deal with Spare's address at this period, 52 Becket House, which Spare used for an exhibition. One of Spare's rarest ephemera "Prices - and the reason for a Guinea Exhibition" which related to these domestic exhibitions is reproduced. There is a further appendix concerning Spare's signature and its employment of the masonic symbol of the circle with a dot in the centre. Also reproduced is the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam as Spare's illustrations for the work, later employed elsewhere, are relevant to the discussion.'

Category Poetry