Trolls by Haukur Halldórsson


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Bókaútgáfan Örn og Hf , 1982. First Edition. 47 pages.

'As an artist,  Haukur Halldórsson has attracted particular attention with his pictures based on subjects drawn from the world of folklore. In these pictures he creates an atmosphere in perfect harmony with the traditional conception of trolls, elves, dwarfs, ghosts, and other inhabitants of the world of popular belief.
At one time trolls occupied a prominent position in Icelandic popular belief, as is evident, among other things, from the large number of place names associated with trolls. Among Icelandic folk tales are to be found numerous stories dealing with the intercourse, sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile, between trolls and humans.
This book contains a selection of well-known troll tales, most of them taken from the great folk-tale collection of Jón Árnason.'